Stay in Touch 
An  "App for Grandma"

This is the companion website for the Stay in Touch app.
Stay in Touch runs on Android Tablets and TV-dongles in Grandma's living room.

Stay in Touch  with Skype

You need to Login to SkypeGrandma on Grandma\'s tablet to start Skype! At the Top Right of the page

Skype image1 Grandmas love to actually see their grandchildren. Skype is a good solution, we have simplified it so that there are No Buttons to Push. Often Skype is daunting for seniors, so we made it easier. You (the grandchild) click the Skype Grandma! and in a second or two you will be invited to answer a Skype Call from 'Grandma' on your phone or on the computer screen. She didn't do anything, to set this in motion, you have set up a call. If Grandma is getting Hard of Hearing, you can put Subtitles onto this Skype call either by typing in this web page, or by Speaking into the Stay-in-Touch app on a smartphone.

Grandma sees the Skype Blue Screen and sees that you are calling and just waits until you start speaking.

It's always Your Skypename
The No Touch Skype call is actually a trick to get her tablet to call you. If her tablet starts the call, it can do it without a touch! You don't need to know her Skypename at all, just be sure that it is different from yours! You will need to install and set up the Skype app on her tablet. Try it out a couple of times before you give it to her!

You can have the same Skypename on your phone snd your Laptop (but it must be different from Grandma's!!). In this way when you start the Skype function of Stay in Touch you can answer on the phone or the laptop. It's best to answer the call on the laptop so that you can use the Subtitles feature from your phone to clarify a word that Grandma is missing.